350 Hours Pre-Service Teacher Training Program
Issues faced by the teachers:

What will this program achieve:

The program focus
350 hours of intensive training is broadly divided into three parts.
Following topics which will be covered during the training

Our program believes that every child is born with qualities and as the child grows up these innate qualities gets layered with barriers. These barriers can be worked on by-

Once connect has been built with every student of the class, it helps the teacher to form the rapport easily. It’ll be easy for the teacher to create a listening environment in the classroom.


Purpose of education is moved away from just being a provider and assessment of knowledge to children. In the digitized world of today, Information and knowledge is available on a click. The real purpose of education is to nurture life skills and enhancing qualities of

Thinking Skills

Emotional Skills

Social Skills


Coping with emotions


Critical Thinking

Coping with stress

Interpersonal Skills

Creative Thinking


Effective Communication

Decision Making



Problem Solving



This part of the program will focus on developing teachers in using their subjects to nurture and enhance the above mentioned skills and qualities.

In the classroom, a teacher would only have to not teach the students but to facilitate the class. Facilitation means to help the students on the process of experiential learning. This will done through


 Apart from the academics, a teacher is also expected to resolve many issues that the student goes through like peer pressure, examination stress, teenage attraction among opposite sex. Teacher finds it difficult to talk about such things. Our training also includes topics like-

Which will help teachers empower students on the above.

The role of a teacher need to shift from being a ‘giver’ of knowledge to a facilitator. This program focuses on building the capabilities of teacher to enable them to be facilitators in the classrooms. The program would create the following shifts in the classroom practices.



Teacher: a subject matter and delivery expert

Facilitator: learner sensing and learning process expert

Imparting/Adding new knowledge

Creating knowledge

Knowledge transfer from teacher

Knowledge gained from learner’s experience

Focus on subject matter

Focus on learner, learning process and learning context

Directing the task – ‘tell and do’ approach

Approach is to enable the participants  

‘Outward focus’ i.e. delivering and expecting performance

‘Moving in’ i.e. emphasis on helping members to reflect and then move out

Reading, listening and remembering

Recognizing, Reflecting and Abstracting

Result oriented 

Process oriented 

One way communication  

Two way communication 

Dependence of the teacher

Inter dependence of members and facilitator

Teacher in control

Coordination between learner and facilitator

Post this program the teachers would be able to take an integrated approach to various subjects. Currently academics is divided into different subjects and children go through different subjects as chunks of knowledge. This program is designed to integrate learning of all subject through a common learning mechanism
Impact in the classrooms / how would the classrooms look like
This program helps make classrooms engaging

How will the program work
This program will be spread over 3 months. 40% of the program involves classroom teaching practice. A coach will be placed for observation and to guide them over the demo in the classroom practice. The classroom practice has to be done to gain the experience and come back with the difficulties/ issues faced in the classroom. Further discussions will be taken during the training workshop.